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Sabine RostaTel +41 76 336 77
  • SRcom, Science and Communications: work for global players in Life Sciences and Technology
  • Medical/Science Writer and freelance journalist
  • Novartis Pharma AG, Basel: Head Global Research Communications, Communications Manager for Research
    Knowledge Management and Tissue Engineering
  • PR Consulting for Technology and Medicine (CH, D, A)
  • Editor of several newspapers
  • PhD Molecular Biology (Biocenter Basel)
  • Diploma in Microbiology and Virology (TU Munich)
Ulrike BleisteinTel +33 62 86 83
  • Global Head of Informatics Communications, Roche Pharma
  • Manager – Internal Communications/Media Materials, Novartis Pharma
  • Project Manager with focus on internal communications for ‘Projects around the world’ program of World Exposition, Hannover, Germany
  • Head of Media and Information, Swiss Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape
  • Freelance journalist for national German press such as ‘Die Zeit’, ‘Die Welt’ and ‘dpa’
  • Consultant for various PR agencies in IT and medicine
  • PhD in molecular neurobiology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Diploma in journalism, University of Mainz
  • Further training: General Management Education – Accelerated Development Program (London Business School, UK); Novartis Business Finance Program (Harvard Business School, US); Coaching in crisis and change situations (Institut für Systemische Beratung, Wiesloch, Germany)
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Do the right thing and don’t talk about it

It is probably surprising to say this as PR and communications professionals. The corona crisis is the time of silent heroes who work in the hospitals, retail markets, transportation or garbage collection. It is also the time of self-declared heroes who use the corona crisis for PR. There are times…

What we bring to the table

Scientists with experience on three sides of the desk

We see things through to completion – and beyond


We deliver more than concepts

  • Line manager capability buildingModules in detailWhat our customers say
  • Project management
  • (Leadership) consulting and coaching
  • Strategies and plans
  • Change management toolbox
  • Channels, content & materials
This would rate as some of the best added-value training I have ever participated in. The most significant thing for me is that you bring the topic to life through simple and clear examples, and your presentations are interesting and easy to follow. You also create an environment where participants are working with real and current examples and encouraged to share experiences. I use either the tools or what I have learned every day in my work.
Each module built on the previous module and delivered tools and techniques that were timely, relevant and immediately applicable. The tools and techniques we gained from LUCID have been a huge step forward in getting our messaging right, and as a result, the quality of our interactions with stakeholders, project teams and employees has increased significantly. Working with Ulrike was a real pleasure. She combined her many years of corporate experience with a generous mix of theory and practice.



How we do it

OCM and Communications Approach

  • OCM and Communication Objectives and Scope Definition of the main goals and scope
  • Roles & Responsibilities Clarification of global and local roles and responsibilities
  • Stakeholder Groups Identification and grouping of all stakeholders with their needs
  • Message Identification of the core communication messages
  • Activities/Tools Analysis of available media and tools and identification of appropriate activities
  • Tactical plan Planning of activities, tools and responsibilities
  • Implementation Preparation and support throughout the implementation process, detailed planning
  • Feedback & Controlling Feedback gathering and further development/improvement
As-is assessment
Focus groups

Holistic Change Management

LUCID elements:
OCM and change communication
See in detail
Stakeholder Mgmt & Sponsor Roadmap
  • Key actions for sponsor & stakeholders
  • Employee communications
  • Coaching approach (for managers)
  • Team coaching
  • Individual coaching activities
Capability building
  • Learning strategy
  • Delivery management
Resistance Management
  • Resistance strategy
  • Mitigation plan
  • Coaching and implementation

Change Communication approach

PLAN Change

Charter and project plan
  • Change impact assessment
  • OCM and communication strategy
  • High-level decisions communication
  • Resource assessment
  • Key message development
  • Stakeholder analysis and prioritisation
  • Basic comms material


System implementation;
Org design implementation;
Process harmonization
  • Tactical communications plan
  • Communications support


Benefits realization;
Corrective measures
  • Measurement of communication effectiveness and possible correction actions
  • Adaptation of communications
  • Liasing with change management/HR

Intensity of
communication activities
and resources in change cycle

Why choose LUCID

  • Strategy Implementation
  • Cultural Change
  • Learning Organization
  • Organizational Fitness
  • Crisis Management
  • Employee Engagement

Whom we work(ed) for

From strategy to content



Get in touch with us

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Ulrike Bleistein Tel +33 62 86 83 529



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